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About Me



Owner of Beyoutifed Glam

Hi! I'm so happy you're here.

Every client who sits in my chair enjoys not only a glam session, but also an infusion of uplifting, positive energy and comfort that defines the BeYoutified Glam experience. Your fur friends are most welcome to join in and say hello during our time together!

A bit about me:
I am a certified travelling makeup artist based in the vibrant Toronto area with over a decade of experience in the industry. I truly enjoy what I do because it's not just about makeup; it's about the incredible people, like yourself, I get the privilege to meet along the way. I'm committed to continuous growth and learning in my life's work, but beyond makeup, I'm an animal lover, nature hiker, and avid food enthusiast.


My professional kit:

Stocked with cruelty-free beauty products, including airbrush makeup and top-rated cosmetic brands. Prioritizing both beauty and health, I consciously opt for toxic-free products whenever possible.

Signature Makeup Style: G.E.M.

I've developed a signature makeup style known as G.E.M. (Glow Enhancement Makeup), reflecting my dedication to accentuating your unique beauty (hence the be-YOU in Beyoutified). This specialized technique has become a client favorite for its ability to enhance natural radiance.


— Get in touch, and let's collaborate on creating your perfect look together.

Let's beyoutify YOU!

XO Norzin

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